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Battle Name : Trafalgar

Date(s) : 21 October 1805

Part of :The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, French War of the Second Coalition

Outcome : A victory for The British Fleet [Royal Navy] over Combined Fleet [French and Spanish]

Land battle : Sea battle : Air combat : Seige :

Summary : Napoleon Bonaparte had planned an invasion of England which required control of the English Channel. To achieve this he had to defeat the British Fleet. The combined Franco-Spainish fleet under the command of Vice-Admiral P. Villeneuve attempted to implement Napoleon's plan. A fleet of 33 ships of the line plus five frigates met the British Fleet, 27 ships of the line plus four frigates, about twenty miles west of Cape Trafalgar. Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson ordered his ships into two columns which approached and cut into the Combined fleet's line head on at pre-determined points. The employment of these tactics on this scale was revolutionary, this plus the superior sailing and gunnery abilities of the Royal Navy gave the British a resounding victory.
Napoleon's plans to invade England were crushed.

Location : The area of the battle centred some twenty miles North West of Cape Trafalgar. At the end of the action the position was some 8 miles WNW of Cape Trafalgar. At the commencement of the action the sea was fairly calm and the wind was light from West by North West. By the evening of that day the wind was moderate West by South West. In the course of the next day the wind swung to the South and increased to gale force by the evening of the 22nd. The wind continued very strong for the next two days.

In modern day : Atlantic

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