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Battle Name : Fleurus, Gilly and Gosselies

Date(s) : 15 June 1815

Part of :The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, Napoleon's Hundred days

Outcome : A victory for French Forces over Prussian Forces

Land battle : Sea battle : Air combat : Seige :

Summary : Napoleon achieved almost complete surprise over the Allies with his crossing of the Sambre. Concentrated in a four mile band they were opposed by elements of the Prussian I Corps [von Ziethen's command]. The 24 squadrons of French cavalry were able to select the places in which to press the Prussians hard. In accordance with the allied plan Ziethen's corps fell back towards Sombreffe.

Location : Three villages 2 miles to 7 miles north to northeast of Charleroi, Belgium.

In modern day : Belgium

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