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Battle Name : Custozza

Date(s) : 24 June 1866

Part of :Austro-Prussian "Seven Week" war

Outcome : A victory for Austrian Army over Italian army

Land battle : Sea battle : Air combat : Seige :

Summary : The forces of La Marmora advanced across the Mincio river into Venetia aiming to attack the Austrians under Archduke Albert in the Quadrilateral fortresses of north Italy. Albert however had prepared his troops well in advance and had the upper hand in intelligence. The overconfident Italians advanced without sending out a cavalry screen and the brigades became mixed, then ran straight into the leading brigades of the prepared Austrians. Brigades were thrown in piecemeal and badly coordinated with the Austrians being hard-pressed, but repelling and counter-attacking. A gallant cavalry charge against a reserve column began the rout, which became general. The Italians were driven back across the river and out of Venetia.

Location : The hills around the village of Custozza between Villafranca and Lake Garda in the province of Venetia, northern Italy.

In modern day : Italy

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