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Firepower through the ages - WW2 Mk5 Sten guns - MUR3_ftastenFeatured image : Firepower through the ages - WW2 Mk5 Sten guns - MUR3_ftasten

A cheap and effective sub-machine gun issued to Allied special forces (as demonstrated here) during the Second World War. The Australian model had a vertical magazine rather than the usual horizontal configuration.

Gallery updated : 11th Jun 2012

Featured battle : Mount Tabor (16 April 1799)

Achmed Bey leading the Ottoman Army of Damascus [approx. 20,000] was marching to raise the siege of Acre. Napoleon detached Kleber [3,000] to hold his force away from the siege lines. On the night of the 15-16 th Kleber attempted a surprise night att...

Database updated : 10th Oct 2013

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